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Brad’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Jul 2005

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

MapToday, finally, is my last day in Istanbul. This morning I actually got my Iranian visa after seven weeks of waiting. Tomorrow I`m getting the bus to Trabzon (18 hours east of here) and beginning the long overlad journey that will finish in India in two or three months. three months after leaving Austrlia, I really feel as if the first phase of my trip is ending, and the more challenging second phae is about to begin. It`s a real shame my time here ended on such a low note, but I have done so much that is wonderful that by comparison this is just an annoying dirversion. I should be in Georgia by the end of the weekend and from their I am going to Armenia, Iran, Pakistan, and arriving in India by October.

There is going to be plenty of adventures in these less travelled parts of the world, so stay in touch and see what eventuates!