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Brad’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Nov 2005

Location: Kaharajo, India

MapI'm writing this entry from Kaharajo, a little village in the middle of India/nowhere and home to some spectacular temples built around the 10th century. I've spent the day checking them out and wandering around the traditional village, and it has indeed proven to be an interesting day. The temples themselves are really incredible, firstly because of their age and how well preserved the carvings are, but probably more so for the subject of the carvings...x rated to say the least (I'm still deciding whether posting the pictures on here is going to get family approval)! They certainly had some different ideas about censorship and free society back then!

I came to Kaharajo yesterday from Jhansi, previous Lucknow after some interesting times in the Dera Dun/Rishikesh area. I have to qualify this story by saying that while travelling in Iran and Pakistan, I had been saying I was a chrisian, purely for self preservation as (most) muslims really don't like athiests. Well, I met a nice Indian couple on the bus to Dera Dun who offered me to come and stay with them in their village. They asked me my religion, and I automacially replied I was christian...well, it turned out he was a Pastor! So, while I did get to stay in an traditional Indian village, I also had to continue the facade saying grace etc, and I couldn't bring myself to admit I wasn't! So it was a wonderful yet somewhat akward experience. They did however take me to the most amazing buddhist temple and stupa in Dera Dun, which I did find slightly ironic! Anyway, from that shaeful experience I've leant now not to as something I'm not...

Tomorrow I'm heading to Varanassi, the famous Hindu pilgramage place on the Ganges, then to Bodgaya, the place of Buddha's enlightnment.