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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Sep 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

MapAnother Sunday. That week sure went fast! I hope you all had a fun one, with Labor Day Weekend and all. We did not do anything to mark Labor Day here.

The other day somebody told me how many days I have left before I leave. I had not counted them out and was shocked. I am afraid to leave in a way....Is that weird? It sounds weird, but it's true. I'm not sure why. I just hate it when things change. I remember how afraid I was to come here. Now it feels like home to me. I guess 18 months straight 14-18 hours a day, every day, is enough to get you attached to something....youthink?? I am definately attached to Afghanistan. I wonder if when I come home everyone will think I've changed. I feel very different in some ways, and just the same in others. One thing is for sure - the days will seem short when I'm home!

Still no news on a possible job, so it looks like I will be delivering mail again, at least for awhile. I hope I remember how! haha

Gotta go. It's my turn in the shower. Love and a hug, Tracy