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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Sep 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

MapGuess what? Right now we are at hit number 19,989 for the page! Eleven more hits until 20,000! Can you believe that? The next eleven people to read this please post a message and say Hi, so I can let you know who is lucky number 20,000.

Everything else is just the same as yesterday. I just called the contract company about my future employment and was told they had a meeting this morning about me. They are going to send me an email with their decision and positions I qualify keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully I can keep doing what I m doing now, and in the same place - only for shorter periods of time and for A LOT more money.....

My boy stayed home from school today - but is not answering his cell phone....typical! I hope he is having a good Senior year! I remember mine passed very quickly....

And Hello!! to Denny! He says I never talk about him in my journal and so he feels not very important. Yikes! I usually don't talk about anyone but myself in here - I guess I'm kinda selfish - huh?? I pointed out that he has only written me about three times in here during the whole 17 months I've been gone - that didn't go over too well. So, officially I am talking about my dear sweet husband today, and how hard he is working to keep everything nice for James and his family while I have been away. Of course, he is very important!

Let's see if he is hit number 20,000!

Love, Tracy