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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Sep 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

MapHello! Our computers were down for a few days there. Sorry to get all the messages posted so late! Pshew! I got them all done!

9/11 came and went here. It was a sad one....

They had a "holiday-type" meal for us in the chow hall for 9/11. I thought that was a bit inappropriate. I would rather we ate bread and water on 9/11 and thought about the nation's loss that day, rather than pigging out on turkey and ham and cakes with picures of the twin towers in the frosting....I'm sure they meant well.....but I didn't like it.

I have been very busy again this past week or so. Time is passing quickly as it tends to do out here anyway. I was asked to stay for another year......I said no......(time doesn't pass THAT quickly - haha).

Everyone please help my son remember to go to his orthodontist appointments! I paid for those darn braces in advance and they were not cheap! If I come home and his teeth are a mess, I am going to be pretty P.O. (and that does not stand for post office - haha)

Emily!! What are you going to be for trick-or-treat, baby girl? A princess again? Or maybe something scary this year? Like a witch or a little ghost? I can't wait to see!!

Love and hugs to you all - Tracy