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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

MapOH MY GOODNESS IS LILY ADORABLE!! And Lisa - is that your dining room? I love the paint color! Thanks for posting the pics, Mom.

Bad news.....I lost my cover. (Cover is what we Navy-types call our hat). I have another one back at Bagram, but I have only ever worn the one I lost out here...It was sentimental...I'm soooo bummed out about it, and have looked everywhere. Also, this means that I am forced to where my "booney cover" until I get back to Bagram and dig out my second one. The booney cover is ridiculous. It looks like Gilligan's hat. A brim all around and a slip-string to keep it on. It is designed to keep the sun off you. I think it is also designed to make the enemy laugh so hard at you that they lose their aim. How did I lose my cover after 17 freakin' months of wearing it every day???? I have no idea....

Also - they have once again had someone pack up the stuff in my room back at Bagram - remember they did this to me once before when I was "elsewhere"? This time though they packed it all up - but left it in my room.....why? Because they are idiots....I am trying hard not to let the thought of some stranger going through all the personal property in my room bother me. Whatever....I can't wait to leave....these army-types are driving me nuts lately.

I hear the "coming home" process only takes about 10 days or so once I am out of here. That's not as long as I had originally thought. That means I'll definately be home in time to see Emily's Halloween costume!

I have decided to run 2 miles every day until I come home. I had stopped running once I lost my ipod, but I want to stay skinny for my trip home. Also, it has been raining alot, so I might not be tan. Hopefully my youthful glow will make up for it - haha.

See you soon! Love, Tracy