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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Sep 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

MapHi Gang! I found out today that I like soy milk! At the Green Beans they are all out of regular milk this week and have been making my lattes and smoothies out of soy! Honestly, I would not have known the difference if I hadn't noticed the carton today. The barista told me he has been making them with that all week! I guess when I get home I can switch - as I think soy milk is supposed to have some good health benefits over real milk....

This morning my first VTC (video tele-conference) was cancelled, so I did not have to be at work as early as usual and so I just lay in bed, kind of dozing. Then once I finally got up and went to the shower, all the hot water was gone!! Usually I am awake and in there well before all the soldier-boys. I guess I won't make that mistake again! Laziness never pays!

I saw an advertisement here that they are looking for postal workers in Afghanistan! How about it Tracy B? Want to come work in the war zone? I have no idea how much it would pay, but I bet it would be an adventure! Remember when I tried to talk you into joining the reserves with me? How cool would it have been if we could have come out here together?? (I picture you rolling your eyes and thinking "Not Cool At All!") haha

I think I might have Chris talked into bringing me back to Bagram next week. I hope so....I have so much to do to get ready to come home - not the least of which is locating my (possibly misplaced) passport! I think I can come home without it.....Inshallah! hehe

Today we had lobster tail at the chow hall....I think that will probably be my last lobster tail in Afghanistan as they usually only have that once a month or so. Everyone sure does love it when they serve it. We also had steak, but that is a weekly Friday occurance. The steak is always a toss-up on if it will be good or not - usually it is tough.

I think Denny and James left (with Denny's parents) for Ocean City today. They are going for Lexi's baptism. James is going to be her Godfather, as is so happy about it! I wish I was there too! I remember James' was not that long ago!! Remember, Gram - you and Gramps came and brought James that wagon? He loved that wagon his whole childhood. We still have it!

That's all for now I guess - talk to you soon my little fam! Love, Tracy