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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Oct 2008

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

MapHi, guys! I can't believe how fast the last couple weeks have gone! I am now what we call a "single digit midget" which means I am under ten days to leaving. I keep trying to call home - can never get to the phone when I'm not busy, you guys are awake, and there is nobody already on it. I guess the stars just won't align for me right now! Speaking of stars - did I write you about all the shooting stars I saw while in elsewhere?? Five in one night one time!! I miss it there.....

I have not started packing yet. Those who know me well know that I will probably not start until the day before I leave!! I hate packing! I really will try not to put this off too long this time though. I have SSOOO much stuff! Too much! I need to give a lot of things away before I leave.

Thanks for the Green Beans, card Mom! That should hold me til I fly out!

Denny - Please pick up all the junk in the house. I'm half afraid to come home and see the state of the place. Remember - JUST THROW IT AWAY! We really don't need all the old newspapers and advertisements! How bad can it be? Two guys living alone for 18 months? Hmmmm....could be pretty bad.....I won't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow!

Well - that's all for now. Sorry it's short. I'll write again soon, as my duties are all winding down, I should have more time.

Love and hugs, Tracy