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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Jan 2009

MapHi everyone! It's Linda speaking here for Tracy. Planet Ranger has been blocked from her place of work, so she asked me to fill you all in for her. We are going to try to keep this going, by her writing to me and me filling it all in. That should be interesting. She is doing very well, and realy loves her job. The shop where she works is filled with careing and wonderful people. She wants us to know that she is very happy with her job, and that she is pleased to be back there, doing what she does best. The hours that she works are so much less than before, and she also has one day a week off from work. That is a change from the 12 hour days 7 days a week. She is putting up her pretty blankets on the walls, and making her room compfy since she knows that she will be there for a year. She will never have to leave for any outstations, and have to worry about all her stuff. That's all for now until I hear from her again.