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Tracy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Jan 2009

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

MapHey, it's me! Really me this time! I found a computer that does not block access to this site! It's kind of far from where I live and work, but I should be able to make it over here now and then for the "status update".

I have not even checked yet to see how many messages I have - I'm sure it's a ton, so bear with me in taking some time to answer.

As Mom said, my new job is so great. Though very similar to my duties before, it is so much less stress because the people I work with are so nice. The whole shop came out to meet me at the flightline on the night I arrived. They helped carry all my gear (I brought a ton of clothes since I don't have to wear a uniform anymore). Everyone teases me that I brought eight pairs of shoes with me - but, you know how it is! I can finally wear "real" clothes again after 18 months, so I brought all my favorite sweaters and things. I still have the famous "army boots" though - but I haven't worn them yet since coming back.

I'm sure you have heard on the news about all the troops coming to Afghanistan. I am dealing with this first-hand as they are coming and using up all the hot water in the showers, buying all the supplies up at the PX and making the line at the Green Beans extra long! I had a bad cold for the past week and there is not a kleenex on the base! I've been blowing my now-red nose on those paper towels like you had in high school (the sand-paper type).

My room is like a little house this time. I have a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, in-wall ironing board, flannel sheets and duvet, down pillow. It's very comfortable. I can have cable TV and in-room computer access, but that is kind of expensive and I don't think I would use it that much. I have a little shelf at the bottom of my bed on which I've placed my laptop - so I can watch movies on that whenever I want to. So far I am watching the season 1 and 2 of Rome, and saw "7 pounds" (which was good but sad) and "Benjamin Buttons" (which I also liked).

Another different thing this time is that I work local time instead of Zulu time. That means that I am working during daylight and sleeping in the dark, like a regular person. But we are 9 1/2 hours ahead of you here - so it makes it hard to call home.

Well - I better get back to work.

Love, Tracy