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Jakub’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007

Location: Mallorca - Palma, Spain


Have been in Mallorca, Palma for about a week and have been loving it. Heaps more layed back then barcelona, warm breezy days, everybody is a bit more relaxed. Have been staying in a really cool hostel with lots of kiwis and Oz's and we've all been carving it up together. Mostly spending the days at the beaches then getting in the beers and going out at nights. Jay and Scott came over for the weekend so it was carnage!

The old city is cool, lots of old streets with a very mediterranean feel. Lots of boats everywhere,....think Palma is the biggest recreational harbour in Europe. Went to the Super Yacht Pavilion the other night,....managed to scam our way in and that was another great night! Beautiful surf but.

Nyway, flew into London yesterday and am susing out a plan.

Hope everyone is sweet as a nut!