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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Apr 2007

Location: Calgary, Canada

MapStill haven't left yet, but I thought I'd quickly write up about who all is coming with me. That way if I refer to them in the near future you will know who I'm talking about.

Andrew Webb- a buddy from high school and university. Was in my land classes and basically told me about the program to begin with. I will be with Andrew for the entire trip. He's a good guy, sincere in what he says and thinks. Generally fairly serious, but he has a beauty sense of humour when you get to know him. The serious thing is just an act.

Ross McNaughton- another friend from high school, but I've also known him since we were 5. Still in university in Dalhousie out east but will come along for 3 weeks. Great guy, bit of a spaz though. hahaha.

Tyler Yamashiro- Small town guy from Bassano, met him in the land program at U of C. Little quieter but a very nice guy and easy going.

Mark Vuckovic- This guy's nuts. It will be a treat to travel with him. He was also in my land class... I think his parents were from Serbia or something, but he was born and raised in Montreal. Party animal. Once drilled a disco ball into his parents ceiling and threw a party for all of us. His parents didn't know. His dog is fat.

And there you have it. Whenever I refer to those names, those are the people I'm refering to. I'll post something soon!