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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Location: Thailand

MapLanded in Bangkok about 1 hr ago. They have little computer stations where you can access the internet in the airport so I managed to get a half hour. Only problem is that the keyboard looks like it was made by a 4 year old so this takes forever to write.

Waiting for a plane to ko samui. The Seattle to Seoul flight was ridiculously long but they had lots of things to do so it was good. Korea Air absolutely owns Air pretty much all were good.

Taxi drivers here are not rare. It is 3 am and we were still getting hounded pretty bad. thanks im taking a plane right away so we dont want a cab... no... no i dont want a hotel for half an hour thats ok.

Ross tried tipping a waitress in south korea $6 US. Lady looked caught off guard, looked at us like we're morons and just put the money in the register and handed us a bill for nothing charged and $6. That was pretty funny. Security in south korea confiscated my cream for my face. Oh well... just buy more. k Well im off talk soon!