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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand

MapIt has only been a couple days since I got here but so much has happened already. We flew from Bangkok to Ko Samui and then managed to get a ferry from Ko Samui to Koh Phangan. The ferry was about 15 minutes and it had tv screens in it... it was pretty nice. They decided to play Lord of the Rings... we didn't get to watch all of it.

I am staying at a place called Coral Beach Bungalows... it is run by two English guys from Jersey (the old one...) and they are very nice. It is also pretty good because they understand the importance of the no peanut request! The place has aobut 10 to 15 tiny houses, inside each has two beds and a separate room with a toilet (no flush included!), sink and shower. Of course the water is all bloody freezing, but in this weather it is perfect. Overall... it's not exactly a 5 star but I'll take it... the sleeps are amazing, you dont need sheets and the beds are pretty comfortable.

The weather has basically been overcast the whole time, which is perfect because it's still I'd say at least 30 degrees... very hot. There is a breeze that sweeps in from the Gulf of Thailand which essentially is the Pacific. It's gorgeous scenery and we've even seen a couple blowfish wash ashore. I was under the impression these things were rare... I think they are a delicacy in Japan... I read a book a little while ago that described the Fugu fish and how chefs in Japan need to cut them a certain way or else they become poisonous when eaten. Needless to say I was pumped when this fish washed ashore but my friends were a little less excited.

We went to the Full Moon Party here. A U-shaped beach caters this event and there are about 15-20 thousand people from all over the world, but obviously mostly Thai. It is an insane spectacle. One that you kind of need to see for yourself. Our little gang of friends had an adventure the first night, and I'm not sure how much detail I can get into right now as everything is still a bit sensitive. You'll laugh when you hear it though. The two ends of the beach have steps leading up a slightly mountainous terrain that end at two bars (there are about 6 bars across the whole beach). These are interesting places... lots of bright lights, fire and people walking around with sand buckets filled with booze. Everybody is pretty easy going, but at one point a fight did break out... a bunch of Thai guys ran out from the alleys behind the beach and attacked some person. The guy was not in good shape afterwards... it put things into perspective a bit.

Negotiating is a must in this country. Thai drivers throw out just insane prices that make no sense. They have meters but don't use them, even when you ask. You basically need to be willing to walk away from a cab until they flinch and accept your price, otherwise you'll be paying about 4 times what you should/need to.

One minute of this internet usage costs 1 Baht. 28 Baht = $1 Canadian. Everything here is cheap. I just about bought some flip flops from a guy yesterday for 140 Baht (about $4..) and they were excellent quality. The problem with the money is that you feel like your a millionaire because everything is so cheap, therefore you spend more. Anyways, I've written a lot. Will write more soon hopefully!

Also... we do have pictures but they are on Andrew's camera... I will put them on here when he gives me it.