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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 May 2007

Location: Krabi, Thailand

MapJust arrived in Krabi which is on the east coast. We are currently booking our flights for Vietnam and I think it should be about one week today.

Yesterday we rode little scooters around Koh Phangan to see the interior jungles, waterfalls and some elephants. The elephants are chained to a log and do tricks for you when the Thai man starts beat boxing... the animal hoola hoops and plays the harmonica. It is bloody hilarious... the entire scene.

Before the elephants we rode to a spot and climbed a jungle path to a viewpoint and witnessed fireants, gorgeous waterfalls and the top of the island. It was a nice hike... I betcha if I did it everyday I'd be in great shape.

Before the hike we were repairing my leg, arm and knee on the side of a road. It was strange because we had hydrogen peroxide, cotton pads and blood while Thai people walked by laughing (this must happen often... stupid tourists). Thai women across the street watched on... I was maneouvering (spell?) around a van and slid on some clay coloured sand, I panicked (spell?) and locked the breaks, the tire slid out from under me. I'm happy that I didn't do more damage such as a broken bone or whatnot, but it is just a couple scrapes. I'm fine- no worrying! (If you were..).

After we returned home for the evening, the Thai people who rented the bikes came for collection. They imagined several scratches (seriously... there was one...) and I ended up with a little over 12,000 Baht in damages. (Hint: Negotiating doesn't work here...). A little poorer, I went to bed while the others went to party some more.

Today we got up and started moving onto Krabi. This involved a ferry back to the mainland and several buses. The bus system is bizarre... a station is like some guys house down a one lane street. It truly is hilarious... I used their bathroom and there were random items about... laundry machines, typewriters, scrap metal.

I'm not convinced the Thai people are concerned with cleanliness. In fact no. They aren't. It gets gross at times. Anyways I'm off to grab some dinner.