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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 May 2007

Location: Ao Nang, Thailand

MapSo I lied in my last diary entry, but by accident. We are actually in a place called Ao Nang (25 kilometers from Krabi). It is truly an amazing place to see. The small town is cushioned between large limestone cliffs all around with loads of trees and creatures. The fauna resembles Stanley Park in Vancouver if you can try to imagine it... but its all at the top of these huge cliffs. At the base are beaches with the waves that come in from the Indian Ocean. This was a town that got its ass kicked by the tsunami in 2004, but they have recovered well, and there are small shops and trendy stores along the beach front. Every second store is a suit store, and Thai men hound you as you walk by in an attempt to get you in their store. I'm not lying when I say we walked by about 10 stores in a 15 minutes walk! We purchased some suits and shirts, they should look pretty slick, and they are just a fraction of the price in Canada "with the same or higher quality" (uh huh... let's see...I am rolling my eyes here).

Tonight it rained quite hard, and during the rain these special flies came out. Their lifespan is about an hour (according to one suit vendor). As the flies all flew into you and around you, the geckos and toads would come out to eat them, so it was basically like a little Discovery Channel setting right next to you.

Andrew , Ross and Tyler walked down the beach (I had to stay and guard our stuff...ha!) and moved towards the limestone cliffs and jungle, which you can walk through with a small wooden path. They told me that when they got there a Thai woman sold another lady two bags of potato chips, and told her to come to these limestone cliffs. When she arrived, Tyler Andrew and Ross were walking behind her, when about 150 monkeys darted out of the trees and essentially ravaged her for these chips, then they ran away and ripped open the bag and fought over them. They got some pictures and claim it was quite the spectacle, it's too bad I missed it.

The ol' foot was swollen yesterday, but I got some ibuprofen and it is now calming down. I am somewhat of a local celebrity because we met some guys from Seattle on a longboat today and they were like "Oh yeah your the guy with the screwed up foot!". Kind of funny.

Tomorrow will be a good day, we have a large tour planned and some snorkeling, I'll let you know.

Also, one of these days I will come through with my promise of putting up some of Andrew's photos... he has a lot. I'll try and make it for next time.