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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Location: Ao Nang!, Thailand

MapStill in Ao Nang because this place is really nice. The scenery is just amazing, like something out of a movie. Also the other guys are convinced that the female:male ratio is 2-1, so they want to stay and try to meet people. I don't really care either way, I have been laying pretty low since I got here. Found a book and have pretty much plowed through it (it's a good one).

Anyways that's boring. Onto some good stuff. Yesterday we had a tour planned of the small little islands that spot the eastern edge of the ocean here. We went to Phi Phi Island (pronounced "pee pee". Phi Phi is interesting because it has two sort of mountains with trees and limestone cliffs and all that, and then they are attached by a small, skinny, soft sand beach where there are some resorts and such. When the tsunami happened in 2004, our tourguide explained, the 12 meter waves flushed in and hammered the cliffs and splashed down on the resorts and towns. Plus, since the beach portion is skinny, it got nailed from both sides. 6,000 dead. Worst hit. The way the guide explained it sounded like he had some friends and family there, he was very emotional about it. Kind of gave insight to how much damage actually occurred.

We moved to the open waters and commenced snorkeling! This was awesome, but not so much on the open wound foot. It's okay though because the tiny bright yellow blue and black striped tropical fish we saw through the clear waters were nipping at the dead skin that was peeling off. I bet you didn't expect me to get that graphic... but too bad! They actually ended up cleaning my foot really well! After awhile they left me alone, and you could see about 6-7 meters deep, into corals and the sea life.

After one bout of snorkelling we hopped back onto the speed boat and our guide started going bananas. He pointed to the waters a little ways and there were dolphins, LOTS of dolphins swimming around. Says he only sees them about 2 times per year. Lucky us. We didn't go close, just watched. They actually didn't do much. Just swam around. Would have liked to have them jump through some hoops like our elephant friend back in Koh Phangan.

We then flew to Bamboo Island and Monkey Island. They were also neat. It was kind of weird.. the sand on these beaches feels like it was mixed with milk or something. It's different, but feels good on the feet.

I'm going to try and add some pictures now... will keep you posted. We got fitted in our suits (sweeeet... look good). T-Minus 2 days before we bus it to Bangkok and fly to Vietnam!

edit: I tried to put photos up but they take a long time to upload. Since time is money in internet land over here I'm going to have to figure out a better way to do it... will be up soon.