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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: OW NANG, Thailand

MapJust kidding, it's actually Ao Nang still.

Last couple days were lazy, just sat around. My foot has made leaps and bounds in recovery, I am able to not limp anymore.

Not a whole lot to report. Walked through some shops and stores... found Spiderman 3 on dvd for sale. Hmmm... they really are quick on the draw out here! Video store dude showed us a clip. It was a man in a movie theater filming it. Looked like crap (the picture quality....not the movie... but it could be bad too.. anyone watch it?)

Finished my book, it was good. The Colour of Law...

It rains everyday here, sometimes hard, sometimes not. Feels good on the skin. Will be more interesting next time!