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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

MapAnd then there were 2.

Tyler is leaving from our nice hotel here in about an hour. After that it will be just Andrew and I unless we decide to meet up with some others we know from high school / university which I believe will happen. Actually, the number of Canadian tourists is quite staggering, there seems to be an uncanny amount. Everybody is either British or Canadian, and we even ran into a couple people we didn't know from Calgary! What a small world. Kind of.

Anyways moving on, so we have been in Hoi An for about 3 or 4 days. It's a nice place and (I believe I've mentioned this?) very artsy. It basically goes like this, you walk down the street and you'll walk by a tailor shop, followed by an art shop, then tailor, then art, tailor, art... tailor... art... art.. art... tailor... backpack shop. Restaurant, rinse and repeat! A lot of the art is nice, and a lot of it is terrible. We've probably looked in about 50 art shops, and I'm not exaggerating one bit.

Not sure I described the cobra dinner that Ross, Tyler and Andrew went to. Still not sure why I wasn't in the mood, but off they went with one of the Munchkins back in Hanoi to a place called 'Snake Village'. They went to what they claim to be a sketchy restaurant and a man pulled snakes out of a giant jar. The snakes were apparently pretty pissed off and this was because of some torment I believe. The man threw a Cobra on the ground and it started slithering whereever. Word is that Ross just about shit his pants and Andrew did his nervous giggle he does when danger is imminent. The guy grabbed the cobra and commenced the slaughter, giving the still pumping (but removed) heart in a shot glass to Ross. They all ate away. Seemed like quite the experience!

We went to a pool party yesterday and immediately were under the impression we went too early. We showed up at about 10 30 and nobody else came until around 1. This was a nightclub that was outdoors, was a very nice place, and had a swimming pool in the middle of it. I am trying to imagine a Calgary nightclub with a pool in the middle of it, and what a terrible idea that would be (litigatively speaking of course). Anyways, everyone had a great time, and we eventually ended up in the pool because, hell, we're in southeast Asia and really anything goes out here and we had been tame for quite awhile.

Nothing special, just some partying. Met some guys from England who are travelling the world and one of their stops is Calgary for the Stampede! We tell them our emails and to get in touch. We will show them around... (hmmm... at least I THINK I'll show them around). Came back to the hotel, accidentally awoke the staff because apparently the staff in every hotel lives in the lobby (which I think is bizarre). We got up today and packed our bags and began leaving because these guys were overcharging us. We were paying $30 US/night, and when we talked to the people at the party they wondered why we were paying so much. So did we. The ol' walk-away worked like a charm. Poof! Our costs got slashed and now we are paying $15 a night. Incredible how easy it way actually. Anyways, off to Natrang next!