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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: Nhatrang, Vietnam

MapOkay! So finally I have put a bunch of Andrew's photos up. I tried to pick ones that he hadn't put up on his site but if there are any copies I apologise. I put up about 20 but it took almost an hour to do, and Andrew has in total for this whole trip about 450 (who knew he was such a photographer?). Clearly we wouldn't be able to put that many pictures up but I'll try and do some more at another time.

The last couple days we have been laying low. You see, when Ross left, he was the one organizing everything so that we could go and do stuff. Now that he is gone, as he predicted, we are finding ourselves a bit on the lazy side. We will get out and do some stuff soon I'm sure, but lately its been book reading /tv watching /dinners / walking around.

Today Andrew went to a gym to workout, and I would have joined him (my family is snickering here so I will say this: I really truly was going to join him) but I only have sandals and hiking boots, which don't make the best workout gear. I guess I could have worn the hiking boots, but I want the scab on my foot to just finally screw off and if I worked out it would have reopened for like the 1,000th time.

Anyways so I went and sat on a bench by the beach and tried to lay low, which I found out, is impossible if your a white guy and alone. After saying no to about 100 people selling random stuff a Vietnamese guy asked if he could sit and talk to me. I didn't care. He was a nice guy, and in fact quite helpful because he could translate what people were saying about me as they walked by. Apparently I am "handsome... but a little too hairy" for some girls that walked by. My new friend laughed quite hard at this. That's okay, my girl is back home. Later, some Vietnamese older lady started losing her mind, screaming about something for what seemed to be 15 minutes, and everybody around her just kind of looked and smiled. Not sure what that was about. She even pointed at me and screamed something, I assume it was 'white devil'.

Still didn't go fishing, but the fishing tour is dangerously close to being scheduled. Will post soon.