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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

MapThis will be the last post from me in Nha Trang. The last couple days went well because we actually did something (see Ross? we are capable!). Yesterday we went to the beach to hang out and try and get some sun. Unfortunately the sun was perched behind some clouds that had rolled in and our plan was thwarted. But that's okay because we went anyways and just sat under a straw hut shelter thing. It was alright, pretty relaxing despite the persistent attempts to sell us terrible looking sunglasses, lighters, paintings, cigarettes, food... massages... it's just ongoing.

Today we got up and finally hopped on that boat to go fishing with our guide "Tony" (that's his western name). We made our way away from the beachhead and into basically... the middle of nowhere. The boat was real small, blue, and harnessed with an engine which was great because not all of them are. It was operated by a guy named Hao who didn't speak any English but was a hell of a fisherman. The fishing itself was, of course, different and interesting. We were told we would be hand fishing (and there goes any chance I had to catch something... my reactions are as quick as a sloth), and Tony gave us each a cylinder object with fishing line rolled around it. At the end of the line were two offshoots from the line with hooks and bait in addition to a small stone to help it sink. The trick is to let the line rest in your hand or over your index finger and if you feel the tug start reeling it in. Well, Andrew and I learned that this isn't as easy as it sounds and managed to catch a whopping 0 fish. Yeah we sucked. Hao on the other hand was like a seasoned vet out there, and certainly I guess you would have to expect that. Hao caught 11 and Tony caught 2- one of which was a decent size. We motored into a little bay and Hao grilled the fish over some charcoals. He then served them slightly charred but warm inside and they tasted amazing (they also had some dipping sauce made from lime, sugar, salt and chili peppers). I had never really caught something and ate it right away so it was a pretty good experience.

We came back to the hotel after burning our faces off. I left my sunglasses on like a genius and now I look like a raccoon. I guess I should start applying the lotion more diligently but hey- I wanted to tan. Oh well. Tomorrow we are headed to Ho Chi Minh city.