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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

Location: Way Sigh, Laos

MapThe town isn't called "Way Sigh" but that's how you pronounce it, and I'm positive nobody back home reading this will know it anyway so it doesn't really matter. This is going to have to be very short because I only have T-Minus 5 minutes to write (I'm on the clock!).

We barely found internet, there are no phones and the fastest way back into a major town in Laos is 2 days either way! Well, two days or something called a Speed Boat in which "fatalities are an often occurrence, usually about once a week" (from Lonely Planet book)- so we decided to not test our luck.

The story is this, after our incredible 3 day hike outside Chiang Mai we left the following day via bus to Way Sigh here in Laos. Andrew and I wanted to go back anyways and Steph and Bryan wanted to come as well. Laos is simply an amazing place, I will go in more detail in 3 days when I am next able to write. Oh! 2 minutes, okay!

Alright, hmmm... we ended up here and hung out last night along the street of a small town. This is a town right on the river and across the river is Thailand (Mekong River...). There was a huge celebration that we joined and on further inspection it was a funeral... but I am out of town now and will let everyone know the story in 3 days. The next 3 days we are going to be ziplining in a jungle full of Gibbon monkeys and its called the Gibbon Experience!