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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jun 2007

Location: Luong Prabang, Laos

MapDear Diary:

Our trip is rounding up nicely and in approximately 2 hours we will be boarding a plane with Bangkok as its destination. The last couple days have been great. We met Steph and Bryan again and swapped stories about each other's absences when we went to the Gibbon Experience and they went through an ordeal. They ended up taking a "VIP bus" which included 15 people in a small van and hours of bumpy road. Suckers. That will teach them for letting fears get in the way. Just kidding.

That night was pretty relaxing and the next day we got up to go to the waterfall which every damn Tuk Tuk driver offers to take you to along a 5 minute walk up a street. It is extraordinary, these falls, but you really need to see the pictures as confirmation. I'm not sure I have the descriptive skills to give you the right idea, but basically there is one large waterfall in the middle of a jungle and includes 3 sets of individual short falls. Hopefully that makes sense, but we managed to hike in and around one of the landings where a pool had congregated. You could hop off the ledge into the pool and the water's movement was gentle enough that you were never in danger of falling over the edge (which would have sucked I assume). We did some mini cliff jumps into these pond things. At the bottom of these falls was another pool where a tree overhung the water and a rope was there so you could swing from it and land in the water. This pool was loaded with tourists and by the time we got there nobody felt like getting wet again. We were attacked by some strange Canadians. Some seriously weird people. One guy from Quebec noticed Bryan's backpack had the flag on it and inquired where in Canada we were from. We talked with him for about 5 to 10 minutes and while we talked with him 3 different people at different intervals slithered their way into the conversation and explained where in Canada they were from. It was quite odd because, well, they were weird. Example, when we asked one guy from Toronto who invited himself to the convo if he was liking Laos he responded that "yeah, it's a little different from Toronto though". Really? It is? Man I was WAY off, I thought they would have been quite similar myself.

We escaped from the strange Canadians by this pond and walked past a tiger cage. It was no more than 3 feet away from me and the only thing between us was a chain link fence. The good news is that it looked bored and not hungry. Those cats are... what's the word... sizable? He yawned and we got a look at his teeth. Now those things could kick some ass!

We spent the next day calmly, walking around the town and fending off the Tuk Tuk drivers. They will invite you to the National Park (where the waterfall is) even if it's past midnight. Steph and Bryan knew of a small movie theater place where you get your own room and a DVD player. They had bought a bunch of pirated movies so we watched 300 and now I want to become a gladiator and wrestle people and things.

That's all that's new. When we go to Bangkok we plan on making several purchases. In 2.5 days we will be on our flights home.