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Brian Thom’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapGearing up for the journey home. We arrived in Bangkok and found it to be not as crazy as we had expected upon hearing stories from other travellers. When we first arrived we didn't spend any time here, just flew out straight away to the southern islands. We got a hotel near Koh San Road and it is supposedly the big shopping and partying district. We did some of both but when we went to a megamall to pick up a bunch of things we both quickly realised that, yes, we still hate shopping. Seriously.

We really haven't done a whole lot of sightseeing and that's because we're strapped for time. Our flight leaves in about 10 hours to Seoul, South Korea. We then wait there for 12 hours and fly across the Pacific to Seattle, another 2 hour wait, and then Calgary. We are pretty much expecting a parade and Deerfoot to be shut down with a few limos and security personnel to escort us to our homes. If these circumstances end up not reflecting reality than those who are (at least my) family members are bad people.

Thanks to everyone who gave a damn and read this blog, it definitely made me more willing to write when I knew people were reading. On Andrew's getjealous website ( there is a map of our route you can see. It is fairly ridiculous.

We'll see you soon.