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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: Rome, Italy

MapWell yes- we have finally arrived.

The trip was good,but my god it's a long way.

Rome is still magnificent and bustling with tourists. Yesterday, we visited the Vatican - it's so awesome!! The queues were enormous for this time of year, but they moved through very quickly.

Best thing - we found a great market with shoes to die for - 20 euro - bad luck though - none in my size and Pat was thankful!!!

The clothes in the shops here are fabulous and not that expensive - I saw a pair of leather boots for 80 euro - that's great, but the shop was closed - Pat was happy again!!

Last night we went to a restaurant run by an elderly lady called Ada (we think about 80 plus). There are no menus - she just brings out course after course with wine from their own vineyard -pasta, bread, veal with vegies, biscotti, sausages and beans, more wine. She has a great saying:

Pasta without wine is like a day without sunshine!! I'll drink to that!!

Off now to the catacombs to see a few dead people.

Hope you like the photos!