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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Rome, Italy

MapThe visit to the St Sebastian Catacombs was very interesting. Seven miles of underground tunnels with graves of over 100,000 christians - it was quite eerie down there!

Last night we had dinner in a small piazza at a restaurant we have been to on an earlier visit to Rome - great atmosphere sitting outdoors next to fountains and ancient roman baths. The food was great too!

I have to report that Pat was a hero last night . One particular bus route, no 64, is renowned for thieves as it carries many tourists to popular tourist spots. We are not worried by the threat of thieves - you just need to be aware and alert and keep your bag in front of you etc!! Anyway, Pat had noticed a young man of indian origin acting suspiciously near a man's backpack - Pat gave him a stare and he exited the bus at the next stop - unbeknown to us, he obviously re-entered the bus at the rear entry at the same stop. Next thing we know, a woman next to us is anxiously grabbing her bag and Pat noticed her wallet had been dropped onto the bus floor - he went straight into police mode and grabbed the wallet and then got the man by the scruff of the neck, gave him a few jumper punches and said "get off this bus you bast......! About 6 people near us clapped him for his heroic efforts and the woman was thanking him as we got off the bus and said "you hero!!" It was quite a scene!!

Girls, you will be pleased to hear that I have finally been successful in buying 3 pairs of divine leather shoes this morning at a local market - average price $40 - red, black and white! They are absolutely gorgeous. Every morning local markets pop up in each neighbourhood with fresh produce and clothing stalls so the locals can buy all they need freshly each day for dinner.

Visited the Colosseum this morning and shortly off to the Roman Forum.

Check out the photos I've added.

See ya!