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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Location: Positano, Italy

MapHi all,

Sorry for no update all week but the internet access on the ship was very slow and cost a fortune for those on a budget.

As you can see from the photo, the ship was magnificent and only one year old – ten stories high, casino, three swimming pools, a slide, spas, fitness centre, thirteen bars, three and a half thousand guests and eleven hundred staff. Ninety percent of the guests were Italian with only four Aussies, us and a couple from Brisbane in their 20s – we had a great time together. This was particularly so given that they both work for Flight Centre, so Trish was in her element talking about travel.

One of the positives of the cruise was waking up each morning at a different port in a different country. We loved Barcelona, Mallorca and Malta in particular. We went on a jeep tour around the island of Malta – thought we wouldn’t get off alive, they drove like maniacs! No wonder Christopher Skase escaped to Mallorca. It is certainly real lifestyles of the rich and famous. The billions of dollars of yachts in the harbour made your mouth water. If anyone recommends a visit to Tunisia in North Africa, don’t bother – what a dump! We were taken for a roof top panoramic view of the city which looked a bit like a bomb site - views of buildings and rooftops in decay and ruin, some TV satellite dishes and that’s about it. The men spooked Trish as well, along with the local Berber carpet seller that had a bargain for everyone on the tour. Notwithstanding it was yet another travel experience and the locals seem to love the place.

We found a new cocktail on board ship called banana baileys colada which basically tastes like a banana smoothie with a bit of a punch to it after a couple. For those that would like to try it, it consists of a shot of Baileys, Banana Liquor, a banana, coconut milk, pineapple juice blended with some ice – to die for.

We ate like kings with five course dinners every night which were magnificent. This was preceded by a full buffet breakfast and lunch. Given we were still hungry at midnight, we then tucked into pizza made to order. Unfortunately the pants are a bit tighter, however, we are now back to reality and living on rations in Positano – last night we had to pay $13 cover charge just to sit down and savour the view (it was a magnificent view).

We arrived in Positano on Sunday after a convoluted trip consisting of two train trips followed by tow bus trips which took us the better part of 9 hours– so much for public transport. It reinforced the benefits of having your own car in Europe. We couldn’t bear 6 months of public transport. However, the journey was worth it. This place is like heaven on a stick and still one of our favourite places on earth. The weather here is fantastic and we intend spending the next three weeks relaxing and going to the beach most days. The temperature is around 26C each day with blue skies and sunshine.

We have added a few photos of the cruise and stops along the way. We will continue to update the blog in a week or so with some shots of Positano.

Take care and keep in touch.

ps – we are glad that the bombers finally had a win!