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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Jun 2007

Location: Positano, Italy

MapNot a lot of activity to report from our time here in Positano. We’ve done exactly what we intended – relax, relax and relax whilst soaking up all that this glorious place has to offer.

Most of our days have consisted of lazing on sun lounges on the beach with lunch and drinks at the beach bar with our Bay Watch buddies, Vito and Claudio (see photo).

A few highlights here include a private boat tour of the coast visiting tiny coves and swimming in caves; dinner at a restaurant high in the mountains above Positano with all produce used from their local farm, including pear, lemon and lime liqueurs made by one of the brothers – complimentary at the end of the meal. There was also one other secret ingredient variety which was black and would make a good cough mixture (needless to say this one was left to Pat!). We also did a day trip to a place called Ravello which sits high in the mountains above Amalfi. We visited a magnificent villa called Cimbrone with stunning views of the Amalfi coast and lovely gardens. Whilst there we witnessed the paparazzi Italian wedding of the year of a Milan footballer called Nesta – great excitement and more camera lenses than you would find at Michael’s Camera store! Autographs galore and no expense spared etc etc. The reception was held at Cimbrone and the doors closed an hour early to cater for the wedding.

Pat has indulged in his favourite dessert, Tiramisu whilst I have been enjoying the odd piece of “Crostata di fragole” (strawberry tart – to die for). The seafood here is excellent and so fresh straight from the local sea. Pat has enjoyed his best pizza marinara ever (see photo). The fruit such as peaches and apricots are magnificent and taste like they have been picked straight from the tree.

The best thing about being here for so long is that we have got to know a few of the locals, and the people who own our accommodation regard us as part of the family. People here are generally very warm and friendly and do their best to help you.

We also now know what it feels like to be in a minority group – whilst there are a few Aussies, Positano is a holiday haven for Americans. It is also just magical at night with all the lights and a perfect honeymoon destination. We have seen weddings here nearly every day – what a place to get married! Also, not a bad place to celebrate your 49th birthday as well!

Our time here has gone very quickly, and we don’t really want to leave but at the same time we feel ready to move on and explore new places. We are looking forward to meeting up with Sally & John (daughter & boyfriend for those that don’t know) in Rome for dinner on Monday night. The following morning we pick up our car and head north to Santa Margherita which is on the Italian Riveriera – about a five hour drive mostly along autostrada (big highway with plenty of tolls). Italian motorists watch out, here we come!

Arrivederci Positano, until next time.

p.s It's now 9pm Sunday night and it is the feast day of Corpus Christi - so big celebrations. Of course more fireworks and the bloody church bells are stuck ringing, and ringing non stop for the last hour and a half!

pps - thanks to James for sending us the link to the last 5 minutes of the Bombers win against West Coast. That has made our weekend! What an amazing effort - we were anxious even though we knew the result. Go Bombers!