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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jul 2007

Location: Nerja, Costa del Sol, Spain

MapWe headed south to the Costa Blanca to stay with friends of Trish’s mum and dad whose parents she had met on her first trip to England in 1976. Mervyn and Doreen have now retired to live here (San Fulgencio – Alicante) and were excellent hosts for the few days that we stayed here. Their local beach, La Marina reminds us very much of the Gold Coast with large expanses of fine sand and building development. Mervyn was quick to point out a feature at the local roundabouts – young vivacious women sitting on deck chairs in the blazing sun waiting for the right car to come by. What we commonly know and refer to as street walkers, but here they are roundabout sitters! We kept driving... Being the good British scout, Mervyn had found the best fish and chip shop out of England which was about a thirty minute car ride from San Fulgencio. But well worth it! It certainly puts our flake and chips to shame.

Five hours driving further south and we hit the Costa del Sol and Nerja where we have spent the week in a beautiful beach front apartment complex enjoying the local beaches and never ending amount of restaurants which serve fine food on the beach front at reasonable prices. Whilst our apartment which we have rented from a British couple could do with a bit of tender loving care, the complex itself is quite magnificent with tropical gardens and an ornamental lake, and 3 pools for its guests.

We don’t know what it is about Europe but the beer has never tasted so good – maybe it’s the heat – it has been about 30-35C everyday since arriving and doesn’t drop below 22C at night- very warm and balmy nights with sunset at about 10pm, and crowds remaining on the beach until then.

Because of the heat here we have avoided a lot of sightseeing an opted for the sun lounge either by the pools or the beach. It is really tough but someone has to do it!

This part of the coast is very touristy with many apartments owned by English who come here to catch the sun and relax – likewise a lot of the restaurants are also run by the English to accommodate the tourist crowd.

We move on on Sunday and have nothing booked for a week, so we will go where ever we feel like before heading to Portugal. We have picked up a few tips about places we should check out from fellow tourists along the way