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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Aug 2007

Location: French Alps, France

MapWow, Oh, my god, this is unreal, look at that!, unbelievable! - these are the expressions we have been using for the past week spent in the French Alps. It is truly superb!

We spent 5 nights around Lake Annecy and its surrounding mountains which are approximately 2400m high. The lake is surrounded by 35km of bike paths (mostly flat), so cycling is very popular. As a special treat for Trish we hired a tandem bike for half a day - the bloke told us that it was a divorce machine. We returned after 2 hours to save the marriage! Trish said she didn't feel at all tired and had pleasure from giving directions from the rear. Pat was exhausted and could hardly stand at the end.

The last 2 days have been spent in Chamonix at the foot of the highest mountain in Europe - Mont Blanc which stands at 4810m - just awesome. Yesterday was one of those days when you thank god you are alive. We headed up the mountain via cable car to the viewing platform overlooking Mt Blanc and then took a further cable car across the Alps into Italy. We were blessed with brilliant blue skies and no wind - we think the photos speak a thousand words! On our descent we hopped off half way and took a 2 1/2 hour hike across the mountains just below the snow line. One of the best days ever and something that shouldn't be missed if coming to France.

Just in case we haven't had enough spectacular scenery we move into Switzerland today for the next week.

Our month in France has been amazing - we visited 5 different regions and they have all been completely different but spectacular in their own right.

Au revoir France (for this visit).