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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Sep 2007

Location: Tuscany, Italy

MapAs expected we have just had a wonderful 3 weeks in Tuscany. Based in San Gimignano we have visited many other hill towns and walled cities, eaten like kings and sampled the local wines. We returned to the same villa we stayed at 2 years ago and it is just perfect.

In between eating and drinking we have also made trips to Florence, Siena, Lucca and the Chianti Region. We have also met some fabulous people from around the globe, and generally had a very relaxing time.

On our first night here we met up with Alison Aquilina, her sister Lorraine and friend, Nicolette for dinner in Siena. We had a great night and it was great to catch up with people from home.

We leave tomorrow and have no set itinerary for the rest of our time in Europe. We are catching a ferry from Livorno to Sardinia, a seven hour trip and we look forward to exploring this island in the Mediterranean.

Tuscany remains one of our favourite destinations and a place we hope to return to many times in the future.