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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Sep 2007

Location: Sardinia, Italy

MapWe spent last week in Sardinia – overall, it was disappointing for us due to a bad patch of weather. The landscape is rocky (granite) and barren with the main attraction of the island being its beautiful coastline and beaches with crystal clear water. Unfortunately we didn’t get to swim or take a tour around the smaller islands due to the bad weather.

One of the highlights of our stay was the dinner on our first night when we stayed at an Agriturismo (farm stay). The guy could speak no English but offered full board and given we were in the middle of nowhere (see photo) we accepted. There was no menu but they just kept bringing the local fare as follows:
Antipasto – pickled onions, salami, prosciutto & cheese board, marinated zucchini, capsicum, artichoke and a bread basket you couldn’t jump over. This was followed by deep fried zucchini, frittata and eggplant, tripe in tomato based sauce, pasta with tomato, ravioli with ricotta. Then came the mains – lamb and potatoes, roast suckling pig with salad. For dessert there was meringue and sweet twisted thing a me jigs. This was all accompanied by unlimited local vino (the more you drank, the more they brought!) along with a jug of dessert wine known as Vin Santo. Needless to say we could hardly walk back to our room and we had to say “Basta” (enough) whilst the locals continued to eat, drink and be merry. It was quite a night.

On another positive side the people were friendly and we are glad that we have seen it. It is really a place for summer beach holidays. We had planned to catch the ferry across to the French island of Corsica, however, when we arrived at the port, they could manage to fit us on the ferry but not our car – hence change of plans. Instead we took a ferry back to Rome (8 hours) and headed north to the Italian Lakes where we are staying at Lake Garda for a few days.