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trish & pat’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2007

Location: Lake Garda, Italy

MapWe have just spent the most delightful 4 nights at the largest of the Italian Lakes, Lake Garda. The good news is the weather has been fine and sunny again although you can tell that summer is now over as the heat is out of the sun and the nights cool.

We have stayed at a town called Sirmion at the southern end of the lake which is 75 kilometres long (hardly a lake, more like a sea). The lakeside towns are breathtaking and only a short distance from Verona, Milan and Venice.

We visited the famous Romeo and Juliet town of Verona yesterday and like every other tourist took the mandatory photos of the balcony and statue of Juliet. Trish also left a lovely inscription on the wall as you enter the R&J courtyard which is set aside for lovers she joined the other million graffiti artists!!

We found a wonderful hotel backing directly onto the lake with a balcony view to watch the magnificent sunsets over the lake (see photo). We had only planned to stay here 2 nights but have enjoyed it so much that we stayed 4.

We are off to Venice tomorrow (and those bloody gondolas 400 of them apparently) and then plan to head towards Croatia and the Dalmatian coast which we have heard is amazing.

We think it is hard to beat all that Italy has to offer, despite loving our time in France and Spain.