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Friday, 02 Nov 2007

Location: Milan, Italy

MapSo this is our final entry on the blog!!!!!

We have spent our last week in Europe at Levanto, a nice coastal town on the edge of the Cinque Terre. We were fortunate that we had 3 beautiful days so we were able to do the coastal walk between the towns. The Ligurian Coast is certainly beautiful although our preference is still the Amalfi Coast.

The food here is wonderful and we have eaten the best ravioli we have ever tasted here filled with fish and served with a magnificent seafood sauce. The anchovies marinated in lemon are also a specialty here and delicious.

We fly to Singapore tomorrow where we will spend a couple of nights before flying on to Phuket for 10 relaxing days on the beach.

Even though we are leaving for this time, we are quite excited about the prospect of future trips to Europe and, in particular, Italy. We adore Italy and feel like its our home away from home. We have spent considerable time whilst here researching and planning an itinerary of what we consider to be the true highlights of this great country. We have a plan to bring small groups of people to share in our passion of all that Italy has to offer. We have designed a 21 day tour which we plan to trial with a small group in September 2008. So, if any of you have always wanted to come to Italy, but dont want to be herded on and off a big tour bus and would prefer not to do it all yourself, why not consider joining us!!!

We would like to thank all those who have kept in touch with us during the trip. It has been great to hear that people have enjoyed watching our travel updates we cant believe that the blog has had 1200 hits incredible!

So this adventure is nearly over what can we say!!!

Having driven 17,000 kilometres and snapped 1800+ photographs, it has been the most amazing time of our lives and has given us memories that we will treasure always. The fabulous people and friends that we have met; the incredible places and sights that we have seen; the amazing food, wine and beers that we have sampled; the great weather that we have enjoyed; the cultures and history that we have experienced; the languages that we have tried to speak and understand; the time that we have shared together just awesome!!!

So for now, thanks again everyone for contributing to the blog.

Arrivederci, a presto! Bye, see you soon!