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Scott Barrenger’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

MapEmbracing my Ninja Powers.

Im sitting here in a little bar (no Im not an alco, they are just on every corner, and half way up each block) after just completing the whole walk, R all the way to MOnterosso, and reflecting on that feat over a cold Moretti La Rossa. NWarren shone this morning by going out Early and picking up all the essentials for a classic Euro breakfast, fresh Baguette and Prosciutto, cheeses etc, Fantastic.Of course we had to have it out on teh deck of our cheap room, 5 stories up, 70 metres from the beach... Its hard.
The walk is exhausting, very easy from R to Corniglia, then a bit harder through to Vernazza, and finally steep and rocky to Mont. It gets busy, mostly by people carrying snow poles, they must know something I dont as I am yet to see any snow...

The ninja reflexes were again put to the test when we got swamped by a large wave while checking out the port at Manarola, at least it wasnt beer this time but I was pretty wet for a while, Warren managed to avoid it and all he could do was laugh at me trying to climb a rock wall, shame he wasnt as quick with the camera or we would have had some gold images.

Highlight of today has certainly been the little man we bumped into in a laneway in Corniglia, ha has his own little cellar in the laneway where he makes his own wine, he spoke no English but somehow invited us in and fed us HUGE tumblers of his wine, a moment never to be forgotten. His vino rosso and blanco wasnt half bad either.It just goes to show it pays to explore.