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Scott Barrenger’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location: Florence, Italy

MapWell Im now all alone, J & W left on a train a few hours ago and headed back to Milan and the flight home, Ill miss having the company but then they bitch and moan so much it will be nice to get some quiete ;)

We had a fantastic dinner last night here, all the shopping certainly works up an appetite. Since they left Ive climbed the Duomo and visited the town hall although something about back packs meant I had to search for a different entrance that I never found, Ill go back later without it.

Im a little confused as to the "perfect man" statue of David, he disproves all the myths about penis size, you know the ones, how your hand size is proportionate to the size of your penis, if Davids old fella followed that rule itd be down to his knees, not the silly little thing he has. Michaelangelo could have at least made his hands smaller so David thought it was a decent size, oh well, who am I to point this out to one of our greatest artists?

Ive added some pics but its taking ages so I may have to come back and do some more, or buy more time, but then I have to go find a laundry to do some washing, the things we have to do. Maybe mum can come over and do it for me? I think theres a flight leaving at 8pm tonight mum...

EDIT: I climbed to the lookout (Michaelangelo Piazza) and took some photos of Florence at sunset. It is extremely beautiful, it feels like you are looking at a painting of the past. I think Ill just tease you with that and upload photos later in the week when in Rome.