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Scott Barrenger’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Positano, Italy

MapThe real world.

Obviously celebs have taste, I'm in the 'fashionable' holiday spot and I've finally found an internet joint with Macs, oooh it feels good after all those PC's, it hasn't crashed like the 'others'.

I take back the nice comment about travelers from that Bush country, there are plenty of them here and they SUCK. How the world ever got anything done without them is a mystery as they are the foremost experts on EVERYTHING, including Italy. I could go on about the wanker here trying to sell a new website to the internet cafe guy like this for ever but that'd just bore you all.

Todays been pretty quiet, I just lounged about and read a book as the weather is crap, hence me being in here having a cheap a beer and a Mac fix. Sorry Suze, a CHEESE fix and some Mac time.

Have I mentioned the food here yet? It's awesome, Teeny would be amazed by the Bruscietta, but my mum still makes the best Lasagne in the world. Seriously. How they stay so thin eating so many carbs is a mystery.

Cost varies depending on where you are, in Cinque Terre it was 2 for a 600ml beer, at the bar on the beach here it's 8 for a 355ml Nastro! Food varies from town to town but around 8-14 for a main meal in a restaurant is average. Cheap fix is a piece of pizza (in a piazza or not) for like 2.

I'm going to get off here and check the train timetables now... Only a few days until you should all be looking out for Herb the kangaroo at the MotoGP.