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Scott Barrenger’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jun 2007

Location: Bologna still, Italy

MapLung cancer.

Bologna is very different to the other places I've been, the tiny little laneways are replaced with wide streets and arch covered footpaths. It really is refreshing. I'm bit churched out so have not really explored the historical parts of the city although I'd like to track down the anatomical museo, sounds interesting.
Every town you go to seems to have different hours of operation. Lucca was all closed up early, Florence going strong at 10pm. Here? Being a uni town it is just alive, there were more people on the streets at 12 last night than at 7pm on a Friday in Bris. I guess being a university town helps. I'm still a bit stumped by the shops though, they don't open until 10 (or whenever they like after that) then they close at 12.30 and open again anywhere from 2.30 to 5 and close at 7.30. I don't really know why they bother...

Pagani yesterday, a private tour of the tiny, and I mean very, very small, factory. Watching them hand lay the carbon so every (and I mean EVERY) line in the car matches up, you can, afterall, have your Pagani finished in raw carbon. Would you believe they will only make 50 Pagani Zonda F's? 25 coupes and 25 roadsters, and if you want to wait the 9 months for them to assemble one, it has to be one of the only 2 roadsters left available. The yellow one I sat in was just awesome, I'd certainly give up 2 wheels for one although ingress and egress was somewhat challenging. There were a couple of customers in for tuning as they are doing a track day tomorrow, they were belting them up and down the street, the sound is pure sex.

I had a look around town after coming back from Castelfranco Emilia (closest train to Pagani) and bought myself a present. I really am running out of space and will have to buy a new backpack I think.

There's a few observations I must make about Italy...

They certainly didn't invent measurement. We were told the bus dropped us 4km from the racetrack on Sunday when in reality it was more like 6, then the tourist office told me Ducati was only 4km from the city centre, I got a cab out but decided to walk back... it took nearly 2 hours at a decent pace just to reach the outskirts of town. Hmmmm.

It's not friendly in the wet. Watch your step everywhere... they cover most things in marble, that gets slippery when wet, very slippery. I think they use marble paint for the pedestrian crossings too as they are deadly, how I have not seen more scooters belly up from touching the white paint is amazing.

Everyone smokes. EVERYONE. You can't get away from it. About the only place they don't smoke is on the trains, but then they jump off at the stations to suck one back for the next 1 hour journey. Corey'd have a hard time, plenty of gorgeous women, all with a fag in their hand. I guess I've inhaled enough now I might as well just light up myself, and join the Europe lung cancer epidemic.