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brad’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jul 2007

Location: R.P. Base Camp, Pakistan

MapAlpine pastures are sparse and cows appetites insatiable. Iím woken this morning by loud nostril snorts and a plastic bag rustle, the sounds of an opportunistic bovine bastard, her snozzer in the my tent vestibule sniffing out my food supply. Snug as a bug wrapped up in down I hurl verbal abuse, shouts and screams successful in deterance. Peering through the gap between vestibule and ground I'm in the clear, however Pete's tent has been descended upon by a hungry herd. "Pete, attack of the cows!" There's commotion and carry-on, swearing and mooing. A cow nibbles at a guy rope, another makes a daring escape with his rain coat. Pete stumbles from his cozy abode, the herd scatters, he rubs his weary eyes stunned by the rude awakening and observes his sock hanging from the mouth of a hungry heifer. With a gulp the sock is gone, on its way to stomach number one.