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brad’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Jul 2007

Location: Rush Phari, Pakistan

MapFurther up the KKH, high up on the valleys side is Karimabad, a peaceful village and travelers hub – home to the Shia Ismaili community, a not so conservative branch of Islam. As the white rice we’ve been eating on treks is about as sustaining as fairy floss for the next 3 days we sit in K.bad and eat, attempting to regain some normality to our insatiable appetites, filling up on cornbread and potatoes, disappearing Snickers bars and Bounties between every meal. Once recovered we leave town clinging to the back of a Suzuki, one which stops every kilometre while a volunteer passenger retightens the nuts on a dangerously loose and wobbling wheel. At the KKH we jump ship and enter a Toyota sardine tin bound for Passu, 4 hours north.