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brad’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Aug 2007

Location: Passu to Gilgit, Pakistan

MapAt 6am we stand road-side on the KKH, Toyota sardine tins passing us already fully loaded. I hail one vehicle, the driver apologetic that no space avails but enthusiastic when I suggest the roof rack. For the next few hours Pete and I cling to the Hi-ace roof invigorated by the cold, inspired by the view. The road is scribed into the side of rock-mountains, snowy peaks dominate the skyline, villages an oasis of green beside a torrent of mica waters traveling a time worn path.
Returning to Gilgit we stay again at the Mountain Refuge guest house, laying out maps we piece together our grand plan; a 14 day trek from Gilgit heading west to Chitral, crossing 3 mountain passes and literally half the country. I'm craving a longer trek as they afford a greater connection, allowing one to fully embrace the routine, find a rhythm and the awareness of its innate harmony with the elements.