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Dinos’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007

Location: York, England

MapA bit of a frustrating day with transport! We did get away from Cambridge-late, as Dinos spent half an hour in a que waiting to talk to a Brit rail person. As result of stoppages for the last two days the trains were packed, and delayed. All up we lost about 2 hours. Still we got into sunny York-it was sunny and warm between 6.25pm and 6.41 pm. Apart from that it was freezing at times, I am not joking. A pity because York looks really nice, as some of the pictures show-they also indicate some of the flooding, which in this town wasn't that bad.
Went to the Jorvik museum of Viking history-very cool, no pictures allowed though. Also went to Clifford tower for a great view. This tower dates back to William the Conquerer.