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Dinos’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Jul 2007

Location: Exeter, England

MapA ferry ride and a train trip got us to Southampton. The £&*! up with the hire car continued-yes we had a confirmation of a mondeo wagon, but no they didn't have one. We ended up with a weird, but functional car-a citroen picasso, the bags fitted, with a push.
Stonehenge was the main attraction of the day, and obviously many people thought the same thing, and the morning was sunny. We have mostly met some very good fellow travellers, unfortunately they were thin on the ground at Stonehenge, where rudeness and not obeying the site signs were rampant.
Still Stonehenge was good, a marvellous display-how did they build it? Pictures to follow, as this computer has a fit every time it tries to read my card-either via the camera or a card reader.