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Emma’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2007

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

MapMambo vipi? Era biyoto?

Hello again...

Last week on sunday night I had all my friends from Uganda contact me coincidently..

Josephus and Rosemary called me to say that they received the parcel from Muzz in the mail.. it was 2 soccer balls and they were so happy to receive them! Thanks heaps Muzz, that's so nice of you. The kids at Jim school will love them.

Josephus also said they took Sofia, the housegirl who ran away, to her see her family with the money I gave them to use for petrol. If you don't remember her story - her parents died and her relatives sent her away to be a housegirl. She was mistreated and ran away and tried to get back to her village called 'Kiyunga' but accidently ended up in the other village called 'Kiyunga' where Jim School is. She was scared, crying and had no clothes or money.. Rosemary found her and they let her stay at the school, gave her clothes/food etc and she's in P3 there now. That did not have enough money to pay for petrol to take her to her village since they found her (about 3 mths), so when I left I gave them the money. She calls Rosemary 'Mum' and they're planning on adopting her.

Rosemary also said she saw Father Musaala at the launching of his new CD! Ahh, I miss Father Musaala...

THEN.. I received a 'beep' and text message from someone in Uganda who said he had Kisakye, Menya and Kalume with him and that they said thank you for the letter I sent to their church, they miss me and love me and he also said thank you for caring about them. I called them and spoke to them very quickly until my phone credit ran out. It was so nice to speak to them and I'm really happy that they received my letter. I wasn't sure if it would get to them through the church, but it did. So if anyone wants to write to them or send things you can use the church address no problem.

So, I'm here on Zanzibar still with the flu and a disgusting cough that won't go away. But I'm taking lots of photos which will go up soon and I'm speaking lots of kiswahili with my friends/family here.

I will have some more news for you very soon as well as the photos..

Mungu aku bariki wote watu