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Janet’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007

Location: London, England

MapWell, I am back in London after an excellent last week in Turkey, despite temperatures that reached 51 degrees (!) and a nasty bout of food poisoning which made my flight to London pretty unbearable. It was also really sad to say goodbye to Emily, Helga, Charlene, Finton and Tracey. After our last night of 'knacker drinking' (an Irish phrase), and an American Indian sage cleansing ceremony to 'decurse Helga', I realised just how much I had enjoyed spending time with them. We all laughed constantly (barrring the 10 hour bus trips, when absolutely nothing was funny), and everyone was very tolerant of each other during the 3 week tour. I will miss them, I think!

Never mind, I am back in the UK to face the aftermath of would-be terrorists (or rather, utter dickheads), some fairly wet weather and some job interviews. Joy! Only kidding, I am very happy to be here - I love London. And I am really looking forward to catching up with those people that I know here.

Am staying at Dillon's place for a little while, with Liam. I plan to look for a house as soon as I know what I am doing work-wise.
Until then I am lying low, trying to get over the dodgy tummy & catch up with mundane things like washing etc. On that note, I know it sounds vacuous but it is such a pleasure to have access to new clothes and my GHD again!
Jan x