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Janet’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jul 2007

Location: Bath and York

MapA quick syopsis of the past week - will update later on.

Sunday: had an excellent day with Sunita at the Salvador Dali exhibition at Southbank. Havent seen Sunita since about 2003/04, when we worked together at Lion, so it was really great to catch up. Thoroughly enjoyed the art, particularly the sculptures. Went to Greenwich with Liam and 'prepared' for a job interview the following day by hanging out at the pub, followed by dinner at Desperados (I know, no comment!).

Monday: went to the job interview (the role was as a planner for a media agency) - thank god the hangover was gone! Did ok.
Had dinner in Kensington with Judith, a friend who is a flight attendant for Air Canada. She's doing the London schedule for a month or so. Had a great time catching up on news and gossip etc.

Tuesday: got offered the job, which I accepted. Seems like a great company and its centrally located. Its for 3 months, which is perfect for my travel plans. Should fund some fun in London!

Wednesday: Went up to York, which is a lovely little city. I thoroughly enjoyed the Minster and the architecture, although I skipped some of the tourist activities (namely the very naff-sounding ghost tours and the Viking museum). Stayed at a backpackers and met some 'interesting' people... these places certainly attract all sorts!

Friday: came back to London, and was delayed signficantly due to the shocking weather and subsequent flooding all over the country. Knock-on effect was the cancellation of many transport services. Had to cancel dinner plans

Saturday: went with Liam to beautiful Bath for the weekend. Had a fabulous time! Many highlights (just walking around was wonderful), but I really enjoyed spending half a day in the thermal rooftop spa. Great views of Bath whilst being totally relaxed in the warm water. More detail in the pics section.

Sunday: sitting here thinking about getting organised for my first day at work tomorrow... I am actually excited about it...I guess it forms the next stage of my big adventure, so I hope I learn lots (and contribute lots) and meet some nice people.

Jan x