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Janet’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Sep 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHi everyone
Sorry I have not been too good at the upkeep of this page - hope most of you are up to date with stuff via Facebook anyway.
Anyway- just REALLY quickly:
I am really enjoying my job as a communications strategist. Its quite hard work and long hours but I really like it! Its intellectually challenging & I am able to apply my marketing skills to the discipline of media planning which is very interesting. I work with nice people too, and have enjoyed the odd 'media lunch' - an enjoyable way to visit nice London restaurants with fun people (and no bill!).
Have been very busy in London, catching up with people & just doin' stuff:
- Spent a weekend hanging out with the lovely Sunita, she showed me Notting Hill Carnival from a local's perspective (contrary to what I had initially thought, it is a celebration of Carribean culture rather than a street party in a particularly posh part of London). It was great learning about the dancing, the food, the customs etc. And I tried plantain for the first time, which I loved. We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant with some of Sunita's friends & we all ended up dancing on a pool table in a bar called the Bended Elbow. The carnival was quite wild, and we didnt even go to the 'big' day (on the Monday). Thoroughly enjoyed it. That weekend we also went to a maze made of maize in Barnet...I would like to say we conquered it but I think we spent too much time talking to be properly strategic about it. We did find a few of the targets but it was a bit too hard to cheat...good big kid fun!
- Spent a weekend at Harriet's parent's house in Surrey. Great to catch up after a big year for both of us (she has just got back from travelling in Sth America, ending up in Colombia). Mr & Mrs Adams cooked a lovely dinner which we had in their beautiful garden. It was nice to be in a 'family' environment - I realised I havent had that for quite a while. Made me miss the foks a bit, but there's plenty of time for that when I get home. I really enjoyed Surrey - it was very nice to get out of London to see some countryside. We went for a nice walk through some fields & picked blackberries & dodged the fresian cows.
- Went shopping in Camden with my housemate Cat and ended up walking around Primrose Hill (faaabulous part of London, although I am still shattered I didnt happen to run into Jude Law!)
- Saw the Banksy v Warhol exhibition in Covent Garden. I prefer Banksy (although still surmising what he meant by the Winston Churchill-with-mohawk piece...possibly not a lot, but who knows?) Warhol stuff was good to see but it didnt do a lot for me.
- Went to Belgium via the Eurostar last weekend with Dillon. Needless to say we found the Belgium beer without a problem, and combined that with eating pomme frites & mayonnaise, bike riding around Bruges, dinner in a lovely restaurant, swimming in the hotel pool, learning the odd Flemish phrase ('tree piges') & walking around Brussells, where we found some more beer at a festival in the main square... I highly recommend the chocolate variety!).
As I said, this was really quick! Suffice to say I am having a great time and I dont really want to leave England...but I guess that the next big phase of the trip (the Americas etc) is really what what I came away for. In the meantime I am looking forward to visiting Budapest with Ben & Attila next weekend!
Love to all
Jan xx