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Janet’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Sep 2007

Location: London

MapRight. Starting to get back on the gastronomic bandwagon (which I have missed hugely about Sydney!).

Yesterday I scored an invite to a fab restaurant near my work called Crazy Bear. The interior was brilliant - dark dark wood and leather, roses in little vases everywhere, a proper sunken bar, booths to eat in, inventive Thai fusion themed-food (and I mean fusion...the bok choy was served with dates!).
And bathrooms that you literally cannot find - the designer obviously had a sense of humour. Although if you were desperate to go I guess it would not be very funny at all...
The bathroom was unbelievable - literally every surface covered in mirror. The experience was not unlike what I imagine Alice in Wonderland went through. To that point, the fact that the restaurant is located in the West End ('agency land'), combined with the prominent use of reflective surfaces didnt go unnoticed.
Anyway, for those of you that know about my penchant for soup (prescient as it is because its the only thing I can cook without stuffing up), I just have to report that I had CHOCOLATE SOUP for dessert. I was so excited I took a photo, which I know is just not cool at all, I couldnt help it! It was, in the words of the Flight Centre sales assistant I spoke to about an unrelated matter afterward, "just wicked".

Tomorrow I am having lunch at The Ivy with Benjamin. So looking forward to it!

J xxx