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Janet’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007

Location: UK

MapHad a great weekend in the Cotsolds with Gab and Dillon. Stayed at Whiteshoots Cottage in Bourton on the Water, where we were accosted each morning at breakfast by the B&B's resident family...and made to watch an interminable video of the Cotswolds, circa 1983. Strange indeed.
We went for a long walk through the countryside and through the two towns called Upper and Lower Slaughter. I presume they dont have vegetarians in that part of the world.
Watched the rugby & nearly cried to see Australia lose to England... didnt help that every pom in the pub felt obligated to offer his commiserations. I was gutted!
On Sunday we left and had lunch at Bibington - a beautiful little village that we literally couldnt leave... after half an hour of driving toward what we thought was Oxford, we arrived back in the main street. Very surreal.

Anyway, back to Maida Vale that night, where I live at the moment. I learned I live opposite Paul Weller (he's at no. 125). Very exciting, except I wouldnt know what he looks like! But I DO know Jude Law, who also lives in the neighborhood. Look out if I run into him!