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Brad’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Jun 2007

Location: Barcelona, Spain

MapWell many of you may have read Chrispy's blog on this amazing city so I will keep this brief but it might give you a different spin.

You might have thought from reading Chris' blog that this city is essentially porn for architects, which you could argue it is, but this was simply one of the most outstanding places one could visit, and for me personally, it was right up there with my Turkey experience.

Easter weekend was the one weekend that hadn't been booked upon my departure from NZ, and I was quite keen for something given our UK friends had 4 days off. So you can imagine I was stoked, and willing to fork out whatever when Tida found an awesome deal to go to Barcelona.

It was a charter deal, which essentially meant it was taylored especially for the long weekend - horrendous early and late flights in and out on a dodgy looking old plane with vinyl seating. But it worked out perfectly for us and had accommodation at a decent hotel included for 300 quid. We got there in one piece. Upon arrival, I was nominated to utilise my dodgy Spanish to get a cab from the airport. Well we made it in one piece and without being ripped off. Our hotel was well located, and the 4 star rating seemed to be close to the money.

Chris gives a great account on therefore I won't go on too much. Gaudi's work is simply superb and it is hard to determine which out of Casa Batllo, La Pedrera, the Sagrada Familia or Parc Guell appealed to me the most, all had stunning unique features. I've decided to just look at it hollistically and simply conclude that Gaudi was an amazing individual full stop.

We also spent time on the so called 'bustatic' double decker tourist bus which took us around Barcelona. We definitely needed more time to see everything that's for sure!

It is in Barcelona where Chrispy and I threatened to take the McD's challenge so synonymous with the SH1 roadie up the North Island (ie eat something at every McDonalds you come across). But Barcelona is one of those places where the tourist maps are laden with the golden arch symbols - and boy were there plenty. Instead we just went there once a day otherwise that would have been nasty. Oh and I should mention that Kim and Talitha would not have been happy popping into every Macca's we could find...

All in all, a simply stunning experience. The food was superb - one of the most authentic eating experiences I have had, the sites were mind boggling to say the least, the weather was unbelieveably outstanding and the company was great! Oh apart from the bathroom sharing with Chrispy....

The photos only tell part of the story.